Cibola Prelude

I had so much fun making and releasing this prototype for Liminal Game Jam 2023 that I can safely announce that I’m going to turn this into a full game.

If Cibola the prototype is quite bare-bone, I think there is a strong foundation for a new take on the backrooms-inspired genre that is more grounded in loneliness and wanderlust.

I want the next version to give more incentives to explore and connect with others, while building on the atmosphere of the game. You can expect bigger levels with stronger identities and more multiplayer mechanics. I want Cibola to respond to player actions, to make it a dynamic place that seems to have a life of its own so players have a reason to login every now and then.

I don’t want to make any promise, but I’d like people interested in this game to know that I’m working on it.

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